In addition to Employment Assistance and Individual Therapy we offer a range of other services:

Critical Incident Service (see below)  

Our aim is to provide the CIS service as part of a wider service development plan to recognise the more immediate needs of staff in response to critical incidents within the workplace.

Therefore the current CIS aims to provide a single semi-formal, confidential and independent opportunity to help staff to:

  • Come to an understanding of the events
  • To help staff gain perspective
  • To have an opportunity to express emotional consequences and impact of the event
  • To be able to offer support to one another
  • As an opportunity to provide any relevant psycho-education and normalisation of common psychological post incident
  • To identify those individuals who may require further support within individual staff support sessions

This service is not a therapy service and it is not a trauma service for victims of events that occur outside of work.  However the CIS will be supported by individual sessions provided by ThoughtSpace which can be accessed through the CIS cover.

The main component to this service is a robust and effective experience from a qualified and skilled Clinical Psychologist. In addition, Thoughtspace aims to offer flexibility and efficiency in response rates.  ThoughtSpace are able to provide proven experience of delivering this service and already have experience of working flexibly within an NHS setting. 

Clinical Supervision

All of our psychologists are experienced supervisors and are able to provide clinical supervision to other mental health professionals. Please contact for further information


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