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For Businesses, Schools and Healthcare

ThoughtSpace Ltd is a Clinical Psychologist led service aimed at providing your staff with high quality Mental Health and Wellbeing support. We provide individual sessions for workplace-based difficulties such as bullying/harassment and burn-out as well as providing clinically excellent support for your staff’s emotional, psychological or personal difficulties such as stress, depression, anxiety or relationship issues. We also provide Critical Incident Support (see additional services) for individuals or groups. Satisfied companies include Northamptonshire NHS Healthcare Foundation Trust and Oakleaf Care Ltd.

It has been documented that organisations that prioritise staff health and well-being ‘have better outcomes, and have higher levels of staff retention.’ If your workforce is healthier and happier there will be reduced absenteeism and higher levels of performance. In turn, this saves money for your company in both staff productivity and turnover.’ ThoughtSpace is a safe, confidential, clinically excellent, and cost effective option for your company.

Private Psychology Service

ThoughtSpace Ltd also employs Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologists for private assessment and individual therapy sessions. 

With many years of experience working within the NHS and privately, each psychologist is highly trained in general therapy, assessment and formulation but additionally offer a wide range of particular special skills related to different presentations (eg: Eating Disorders, Trauma) or types of therapy (eg, CBT, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy). 

Our psychologists are available for private sessions in a wide range of therapy locations. 

All therapists work under the strictest professional and moral guidelines and are HCPC and BPS approved. 

Go to the Practitioners page to see some of our principal therapists and what they offer.


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